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Healthy roots


RootX essentially extends the root system of their associated plants extending its rhizosphere, so as to help the plants easily draw in nutrients, minerals, and water from afar.

Protect from Pathogens

Maximizes Root Size

Greater Nutrient & Water Uptake

Increases Stress Tolerance

gardening tools and rootx jars

RootX and BoostX are compatible with all natural fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. Once opened, store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from children and pets. Do not inhale or ingest.


Drop 5g (1 tsp) of RootX evenly into the base of the planting hole, so that the powder is in direct contact with the roots. (insoluble)

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RootX jar
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Available in 150g and 400g jars

T. harzianium
Humic Acid
Glomus intraradices
Bacillus (13 Species)
B. subtilis
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. polymyxa
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. pasteuri
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. mycoides
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. megaterium
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. licheniformis
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. laterosporus
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. halodenitrificans
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. firmus
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. coagulans
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. circulans
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. brevis
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
B. amyloliquefaciens
1 x 10⁶ CFU/g
Amino Acid

Glomus Mycorrhiza

for larger root system, pathogen protection and better nutrient absorption of water and nutrients

Humic acid

chemically change the fixation properties and regulates the pH-value of the soil


for improve plant growth and enhanced solubilization of mineral nutrients

Amino acids

helps increase chlorophyll concentration leading to higher degree of photosynthesis


are secreting metabolites that stimulate plant growth and prevent pathogen infections


are essential for primary metabolism,  and optimal growth of plants

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